Race Nights

Race Nights

A Race Night or a Night At The Races are one of the most effective fundraising ideas but they can take a bit of effort to organise and plan, which is why we've put together a beginners guide to organising race nights with our free collection of invaluable resources, ideas, tips and tools to make it as easy as possible to raise funds.

A properly organised fundraising race night can easily raise over £1000 in a single evening for your charity, good cause or sports club with little more than a couple of weeks of planning.

Our aim is to reduce the cost of running a race night to the very minimum, maximising the funds raised whilst still providing a fun event that your patrons will enjoy. We also aim to make organising and publicising your fundraiser as simple as possible.

If you have never organised a race night before then don't worry, this site will guide you through organising your fundraiser, explain how to run the event on the night and will also provide you with race night posters, tickets, race cards, apps, templates and resources that you can use for free to make your event a roaring success.

Ideally the only outlay you will have is the horse racing DVD or snail racing DVD itself, we don't sell these DVD's but we've gathered a collection from various suppliers you can peruse with prices starting from as low as £20.

Football clubs can also raise funds with our Fundraising Scratch Cards app.

If you have any specific queries regarding fundraising then please feel free to contact us or join our Facebook page.