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Fundraising Scratch Cards

Football team fundraising is always a concern but weekly scratch cards are a tried and testing way of raising funds for a football team.

You can now save environmental resources and money for your team at the same time by using our scratch card app, which is available for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

They work just like traditional paper based football scratch cards but you'll never run out again. After the match collect payments from players from both sides in exchange for picking a team from the selection of 20. The buyer enters their name into the app on their chosen team shirt. The app will choose a winner at random.

The app features 100 different football teams from all over the World which are selected at random, giving many billions of card options.

Fundraising for the football team is quick, easy and fun. The team can then pay pitch, referee and post match meal fees from the funds raised.

Traditionally these scratchcards were produced on card with a latex scratch panel, which is not environmentally friendly as they are only used once.

Football Scratch Cards App for iPhone/iPad and Android

You can download Fundraising Scratch Cards from iTunes, Google Play.

Available in the App Store   Available on Google Play

Football Scratchcards App