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Race Night Downloads

When you purchase a race night package most of the cost is taken up in paper supplies such as posters, tickets, race cards etc... The weight of these items then adds to the delivery cost. It's also not unusual for some suppliers to pad out their package with far too many tickets for a single event, which is not environmentally friendly.

When race nights first appeared, very few people had home printers but nowadays almost every home as a printer which can produce professional quality race night tickets, posters and race cards at really low-cost. You also save on delivery charges and you might even be able to get a local company to sponsor a race with some free paper and printer ink.

We've made a collection of templates which you can download and print at home in less than an hour. You will need a guilotine for professional quality tickets but scissors would also do, with a bit of patience and care.

Download Race Night Ticket, Poster & Race Card Templates

We have created an easy-to-use spreadsheet where you can enter your event details and it will generate a set of fully customised posters and tickets without any technical skills.

The file contains the following resources :

- Sponsor Collection Sheet

- Race Night Posters

- Admission Tickets

- Race Cards

- Customised Tote Tickets for all 8 races

- Lucky Dip Tickets

- Seller Cards for use on your Tote Table

- A Tote Tabulator Sheet

- Last Race Auction Sheet

- and finally a Summing Up Sheet so you can track the total funds that your event has raised.

Download Race Night Templates

You will need Excel to use these resources although we might be able to provide the templates in other formats if required. To download the templates simply click HERE.

Select Save As when prompted to download the file to your computer. It's all setup and ready to print, you just need to enter your race night event and sponsors details to print a fully customised, professional set of fundraising resources.

If you find the download useful, please like our Facebook page and let us know how you get on with your event.

As well as printable posters, you can also use our site to make an online poster which you can share with friends on Social Media websites.