Race Nights

Race Night Fundraising Calculator

How much money can a charity race night raise? There isn't a simple answer, potentially anywhere from £250 to £2500. The success of your event largely depends on the size of the audience and the fundraising methods you employ.

Use our fundraising calculator below to play with the costs to see how much you can raise with a race night.


Selling off sponsorship of the races and horses is a great way to raise funds before your event starts. Allowing people to name the races and horses also adds a bit of humour to the night. Provide business exposure in the race cards for race sponsors and a small prize to the winning sponsor of each horse

  • Sponsorship Sub-Total : £520


Selling admission tickets in advance is a good way to ensure a strong turnout. Provide additional entertainment such as a disco and maybe a buffet to attract more people.

  • Admission Sub-Total : £350

Ticket Sales

Tote ticket & lucky dip ticket sales will raise funds on the night itself. Research shows that selling tickets at 50p instead of £1 encourages more ticket sales and more winners. Winners tend to re-invest their winnings on additional tickets. Lucky Dip Tickets come in sets of 28, it's is typical to use 1 set per event. The payout percentages are used to work out the winnings, 40 or 50% is typical.

  • Ticket Sales Sub-Total : £201.60

Last Race Auction

It is common to auction off the horses in the last race for extra funds. A standard auction bidding process is great entertainment and can generate a bit of noise. The bids will vary but £40-60 is typical for most race nights. 50% of the total raised is returned to the very lucky winner!

  • Auction Sub-Total : £160.00

Fundraising Total

Your fundraising total is shown below, all prize money has already been subtracted.

  • TOTAL FUNDS RAISED : £1,231.60

This Race Night Calculator is also available as a free phone app along with our Race Night Tote Calculator app, which will help when working out the tote ticket payouts on the night.